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I Can't Believe Youd Ask Me That [entries|friends|calendar]
Deanne The Arsonist

I keep my head in the clouds. It's easier that way. The world is pretty amazing. I wouldn't change it in for anything in the whole world.

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Going Coastal? [
04/05/10 - 12:56am]
[ mood | content ]

Wow it's been a long time. I can't even believe this thing still exists, or that I'm actually submitting a blog again. It's like the 16 year old girl is jumping out of me right now. I dunno. Life is at a new point. I'm moving into a new place the begging of may and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm gonna have my own space, not having to worry about cleaning up after anyone else. I am stoked on that. I will still be living with roommates but I get Leon's room in his dad's place, the big one upstairs and it's basically an apartment on it's own. I couldn't be more thrilled. Then after the summer the plan is to go coastal. I guess it all depends on what the money situation is like, there are a couple things I would like to get before I quit my high paying job. I wanna get a new laptop and I'm definately going to invest in photoshop. I wanna get into graphic design and go to school on the island.

Life's different now, It's like somewhere along the way I got one. I mean I actually did. I don't know how it happened. I've also grown up so much in the last few years I can't even imagine what I was like the last time I did one of these things. I dunno, I've actually truely accepted that Dad is dead now. I know that he's not coming back and that life does have to go on. I've gotten over so many stupid little insecurities and I've stuck up for myself. I've actually seen what I can do as a person and just what I am capable of...and damn does it feel good.

and then there's you...good god what the fuck do I do with you? I mean they always say you shouldn't get involved with your roommate and trust me I didn't want to and then it became this drunken thing and then it escalated to the unimaginable. and now were stuck in this weird place that I'm not sure what to do with or how to react to...I guess the best thing I can do is to just not worry about it and just carry on with my life. I'm just not going to sit around and wait that's for sure.

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08/08/06 - 6:10pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So this weekend was my aunts wedding and my birthday. The wedding was good. My Aunt, new Uncle, Step Cousin and Cousin all looked really beautiful. I guess things like that give me faith that there actually is love out there. I just haven't found that form of it yet. My birthday on sunday was disappointing like it always is. I don't know why I even get hopes up for a good birthday because I am always let down. We went to Nelson for the night on Sunday. Aunty Kim, Uncle Len, Chantal and I. We just bummed around Nelson for the longest time and I've come to a conclusion about Nelson. I really like it there.
I actually wouldn't mind ending up in Nelson later in life. I came to another conclusion. I'm going to be a nomad moving from city to city taking in different lifestyles and traditions.
I don't think I'm going to be happy until I have moved all over the place and found one single spot where I will be happy.

So here is lifes plan as I would like it to be. As of now, it will probably change in a week or so. Moving to Calgary at the beginning of November to live with my sister and Tyrell.
Next year going to school for either business or law there's also a possibility of art but I think I might just take some art classes wheil I am in Calgary this year. This year I'll make up my mind. Then I would like to stay in Nelson for awhile maybe to take some art classes but I would really like to open a art store there. Eventually I would love to end up in Seattle and stay there until I die.

I love dreaming. It makes so many things go by faster.
<3 Dean

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Friends Only [
01/24/04 - 10:49pm]
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<3 Dean

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